Leslie Grace, from bachata to supernova in Hollywood with “In the Heights”

Leslie Grace lives with “gratitude” and “surprise” her maximum transformation: From being the princess of bachata to starring in one of the most anticipated films of 2021, “In the Heights”, the film version of the musical that made her famous. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the most sought-after Latino in Hollywood.

In an interview with Efe, the American artist of Dominican parents In the Heights revealed that the character of Nina Rosario came into her life “when she most needed it.”

“She and I have many things in common and it is something that helped me a lot as a person. There is a great before and after in me, ”she explained.

The greatest link that unites her with her character is that of “impostor syndrome”, because like Nina she has felt that people are going to discover that she does not deserve to be where she is.

Her words are surprising in the mouth of a woman who at age 16 was professionally launched as a singer by producer Sergio George, one of the main collaborators of artists such as Marc Anthony, Thalía, Jennifer López and even Celia Cruz.

Since her debut with the bachata, bilingual version of “Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow,” Leslie Grace has become one of the youngest and most successful stars in Latin music.

However, she wanted more, as she felt the need to express herself “beyond the music” and explore other edges of her American identity.

“Miami and New York are my cities. My influences are from the merengue and bachata of my Dominican parents, hip-hop and rap, pop in both languages. I am a fusion of these two worlds and of many more, since multiple cultures converge in the two parts, Latin and from other countries, ”she pointed out.

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